• The pillow is a vector for infection (i)

    Reduce infection risks,
    Improve patient care,
    save your hospital money.

  • SleepAngel is a tested and proven 100% barrier (i) to a range of pathogens including MRSA, C.diff and Norovirus

    Medical device nano-barrier Filter protection,

    proven infection control and pressure care,

    easy to deploy and clean.

  • Transforming medical bedding cleanliness

    easy to follow cleaning protocols,
    audit programme to safeguard cleanliness,
    effective staff training guidelines.


SleepAngel™ works with Hospital Infection Control departments to reduce patient cross infection risks caused by contaminated bedding. Our CE marked products are scientifically tested and proven to block hospital pathogens. Combined with our programme of cleaning and auditing, Infection Control staff can significantly reduce contamination risks, while saving their hospital money.

  • (i) Marie Dewhurst 1, Arthur Tucker 2, 3 HCAI Reduction Conference London, 2013
    1. Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals
    2. Barts Health NHS Trust, 3. Queen Mary, University of London

  • (i) Airmid Healthgroup, microbial strikethrough test, SleepAngel with PneumaPure Filter pillow, March 2013

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